Web Design Service

Need a Website?

Your business website is your online identity, and it may be your first impression with you potential customers. You may not get a second chance.

Do you have a website? What does it look like? Is it out of date? Did a friend make it for you some years ago when you were just starting out?

Does your Club, Church, Lodge, Group, or other type of Organziation need a website?

Maybe you do not have a website yet? Maybe you are planning to start up a new business and you are trying to figure out what kind of a website you need and how much it will cost and how you will afford it?

No matter your situation we can help!

We do not limit ourselves to only business websites, we will gladly look after website needs for any customer. Right now we have a special on for Church websites, free website design, with any paid hosting account with us, please contact us for details.

Of course we do no limit ourselves to only customers from Calgary, those located in Red Deer, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and in fact everywhere else, are most welcome.

Delivery Time?

Getting a website designed and built for your Calgary business or organization, can be a tricky task, especially if everyone you ask is busy with other work. Oh, sure they want your business, but it may be months or years before they will have the time to actually start work on it!

It seems everyone in Calgary is too busy these days to take on new jobs.

This is especially true is you are trying to get home renovations done. Even the simplist of repairs can be a nightmare trying to book somone who will actually come and do the work, and the prices can be sky high!

Other businesses are having the same problems getting their needs met. It is hard to get anything done, and sometimes hard to get it done well.

Web design does not have to be like that, at least not with us. There is some good news. We have the capacity to take on new work, because we are expanding again. So, if you need Calgary web design services, we can help.

Delivery time is usually 4 to 6 weeks from the day after you advise us by e-mail that you have accepted our quote, and wish us to start work.


The cost depends on what you need. If you need a five page website, to explain your company, products or services, that can be provided for about $500. plus sales tax.

If you need an e-commerce solution to sell products or services online, then you are looking at around $1,000. plus sales tax.

If you have extra requirements, there would be extra costs. However, our costs are very reasonable, and it is unlikely you will be surprised. We offer free no obligation quotes, not estimates, but firm quotes. Those quotes explain the work which goes with the price, so there should not be any surpises to either party. It is the only way to run business. No drama, no excuses, no problems, just good customer service.

To see a more detailed list of our costs for our various packages and services, please visit our other website. If you do not see the package you would like, then please contact us from either website, and we would be happy to quote you a price on what you want, or even to help you figure out what you actually need. Nothing down, no interest, 12 equal monthly payment type of payment plans may be available upon request, please ask.